Friday, July 28, 2006

exWitch Australia Site Hacked...

Well... it was bound to happen eventually... *sighs*

Like a number of other Websites by exWitches and exOccultists, the main exWitch Australia website was hacked earlier this week and all updates since January 2006 were lost...

The site is back up and running and I hope to have the 'lost' updates sorted and re-uploading during the next week or so...

Please bear with us while we get the situation sorted and the damage done repaired...

Thanx! 8-D


Blogger amdntstr said...

I am sorry to hear about your site being hacked. I would not wish that on my worse enemy, which you are not by the way!

I must say that I am still confused about what had happened and I hope that you will clarify it for me.

It can't really be about a post that I made, I thought I knew you better than that.

I am ready to discuss things in an open dialog if you wish.

My attention is formost in Christ and following His Word.

I would appreciate it if you would remve the lies that you wrote in your forum and blog, but that is between you and God. You know what is and what isn't a lie as well what is pleasing to Christ.

You know where to find me if you wish to talk this out. E-mail me, but let me know which e-mail you wish to use.

The was wrongs made on both sides and it hurts that you are still speading the lies. But again, that is between you and God as I have already forgiven you for it.

11:27 PM  
Blogger exWitch Australia said...

Tell me what I have said that you believe to be false and we'll see what happens... Of course I would expect a PUBLIC retraction of the lies you have spread about me hacking into your PC and hacking your Forum that you have spread all over the Net... but as you say Deb... "that is between you and God. You know what is and what isn't a lie as well what is pleasing to Christ."

4:43 PM  

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